Covid Measures monitor

This is a table comparing measures taken against #COVID19 by various countries. It is maintained by Containment Now, a grassroots organization that advocates a containment strategy to suppress and/or eliminate the coronavirus, as pursued by countries such as South-Korea and Germany. Our Dutch website: Containment Nu.

Please do read our 5 point plan to suppress the virus permanently. Also, read why the Dutch mitigation strategy is ineffective and inhumane.

Below, you will find a broad overview of containment measures as implemented by various countries, based on publicly available data, as known to us on August 2nd, 2020. Corrections, questions and additions (including data for other countries) can be directed at If you want to support our work, please consider making a donation.

 The NetherlandsSwedenGermanySouth-Korea
1. Strategy
Political commitment to suppression / containmentNo / barely. See analysis (point 5).NoYesYes
Official strategy per 2020/08/01Mitigation (read analysis)Unofficial herd immunityContainment / zero covidContainment / zero covid
2. Alert levels and control measures
Triggers based on reported casesNoNoYesYes
National promotion of face masks for general publicNoNoYesYes
Mandatory face masks in public spacesNoNoYesYes
Complete, timely & stable dataNo (source)PartialYesYes
PPE for all health care workersNo (source)NoYesYes
Quarantine for travelers from countries with high circulationVoluntary (source)NoVoluntaryMandatory
Mandatory testing for travelers from countries with high circulationNoNoYesYes
3. Testing
Testing without symptomsNo (source)NoYes Yes
Nearby, closely-spaced testingNo (source)NoYesYes
Testing without appointmentNoNoNoYes
Broad pro-active testingNoNoYesYes
Test results within 24 hoursSometimesSometimesYesYes
Scheduled preventive testing for healthcare workers, teachersNoNoYesYes
Sewage & population testingVery limitedUnclearYesYes
4. Tracing and isolation
Same day follow-up SometimesNoYesYes
Tracing 90% of contactsNoNoNoYes
Tracing for suspected infectionsNoNoYesYes
Tracing toward full picture of infection routesNoNoYesYes
Locally adapted tracing & isolation monitoringNoNoYesYes
Isolation mandatory under pain of lawNoNoYesYes
Publication of outbreaks and clustersLimitedNoYesYes
5. Regionalization and Europeanization
Regional adaptation of control measures based on alert levelLimited (source 1, source 2)UnclearYesYes
Coordination and harmonization of policy with neighbours and EUNoNoLimited
Trend in IC admissions / positive tests (August 1)GrowthStable / unclearStableStable